Box Guide


Small Box: 1.5 cu.ft

Small heavy items…books, records, canned goods, kitchen utensils, tools, liquor bottles. Perfect for the most delicate items such as hummels, figurines, etc.


Medium: 3.0 cu.ft

Useful for just about anything. Best in kitchen and living room… dishes, glasses, coffee cups, small appliances, breakables, nic-nacs, medium vases.


Large: 4.5 cu.ft

Bulky items from bedrooms, basement and kitchen: Tupperware, pots and pans, sweaters, shoes, bedding, pictures, toys


Wardrobe Box

Hanging clothes. About every 15" of clothing on a closet bar will comfortably fit in a wardrobe carton. People also find these useful in the garage for gathering yard tools and bulky miscellaneous items.



Combination of heavier items on bottom mixed with light items on top: glassware + Tupperware, bowls + tablecloths, long cutting boards, ceramic table lamps, tall vases…


Picture Carton

Oil Paintings, prints, drawings, mirrors. Not intended for heavy glass or marble. Please contact a move coordinator for more information.