Storage Containers

furniture storage

Household items will be securely stored within our hand built containers and then stacked in their respective areas; which provide excellect protection for furniture storage. Items for storage are tagged with inventory numbers and checked off during arrival and departure from storage facilities.  This ensures that everything is accounted for. We are a full service company that provides a moving and storage service. 

OS Rack (over-stuffed)

moving and storage

The OS (over-stuffed) Rack is for couches and chairs.  These pieces of furniture are wrapped with our plastic "shrink wrap" which keeps them protected for long term storage.  They are placed on racks where they are in sight but out of the way.


furniture storage

You can relax knowing that your furniture is safe in our storage warehouse.  Access to our warehouse is stricly for employees, but customers are more than welcome to visit if they set up a time.  You can access your items if needed as well.